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About Us

TDG Furniture Exchange, powered by The Designers Group, was conceived from a simple yet impactful idea. Recognizing the potential to assist others in need, The Designers Group created a platform that could connect those with surplus furniture to individuals seeking it.

The result? The birth of the TDG Furniture Exchange.

Our Story

TDG Furniture Exchange is a heartfelt initiative born from the realization that many individuals lack a platform to donate and receive furniture. Our mission is to bridge this gap, fostering a culture of resourceful sharing and meaningful connections.


Rooted in the belief that everyone deserves a comfortable living space, we facilitate furniture donations, storage, and delivery at no cost to donors or recipients. With the support of dedicated volunteers, partners, and ambassadors, we currently operate in nine locations, aiming to expand globally.


This initiative reflects The Designers Group's commitment to enhancing interiors while making a positive community impact, and it pays tribute to the memory of Yonah Ben Akiva, inspiring us to create significant transformations through acts of kindness. Join us in this journey of giving, sharing, and transforming lives through TDG Furniture Exchange. Together, we can create comfortable living spaces and meaningful connections for everyone.


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